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Shocking Facts: Make Your Message Persuasive

We live and work in a volatile world. With acronyms like VUCA becoming more commonplace (that’s volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity, by the way), leaders face growing difficulties when trying to ‘cut through the noise’. It’s not that we don’t have compelling reasons to communicate change and get people onboard. Just that…  

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Leadership: Being Comfortable With Being Uncomfortable

Leadership development is as much about learning as it is about developing skills. And that’s not necessarily easy; we approach things wanting to succeed, but often mentally equate that with not failing. At all. Yet, to learn and grow, we need to shift that mindset—often, it means challenging our core beliefs. For Leadership, It Means Having a…  

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3 Leadership Lessons From Musk and Christensen’s Disruptive Innovation Debate

A few months ago, Harvard Professor Clayton Christensen shared his thoughts on Tesla’s plans for entering the Chinese market with its own factory. This came close on the heels of the 53 billion dollar giant announcing its intention to streamline its workforce by 7 percent, break out of its premium niche market, and move into more affordable ele…  

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