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3 Reasons Medical Leadership Is More Important Than Before

  • By Jolande Koolen
  • March 14, 2019
  • Posted in Leadership |

Leadership is playing a continually growing role in healthcare settings. Practitioner skills will always be central to the demanding roles doctors play, but the past few decades have seen other assets become almost just as critical. What We’re Used To Hospital environments have long been hierarchically structured, with top-down systems deciding…  

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Behind Every ‘No’ Is A ‘How’

Or there should be, at least. Because the relationships between creativity and persistence are already very well-noted in academic literature[1]. And empirical research gives us plenty of scientific findings to back it up[2]. But in practice, persistence and creativity are often only mentioned together in passing. In the real world, there are lot…  

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Do You Know Your Triggers?

Do you ever think about how you are influenced by your environment? What questions and remarks from coworkers, family, and friends cause you to respond in a certain way? I recommend you to pay attention to this sometime. Why? Because awareness of your triggers can help you increase your effectiveness and your impact on those around you. To illustra…  

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