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Overcoming Creative Obstacles: #2 No Right or Wrong

What does a visionary look like? How would you describe an entrepreneur? Is he or she a risk-taking individual? A boundary-pusher? An excellent planner? Or, poor as can be with ‘inventor’-type glasses? Entrepreneurship can take many forms, which is an important point that many people tend to forget. As Eric Ries argues in The Lean Startu…  

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Personal Leadership Skills: Empathy

Everybody needs certain soft skills to relate effectively to those around them. Razor-sharp financial acumen and problem-solving capabilities are what equip people to excel, it’s true, but it’s tough to lead others when you can’t see things from their perspectives. Empathy is the ability to put yourself in others' shoes, adopt their points…  

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Overcoming Creative Obstacles #1: Start With Anything

Some would say you can’t force ideas, and that may be right. But what if there really is no need to force anything in the first place? Everybody is a potential entrepreneur, and innovation can take place at any point in time, at any level of your organization. The real challenge, I would love to argue, is to unlock–rather than force–th…  

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