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Personal Leadership Skills: Adaptive Communication

Communication skills help leaders express a vision, set clear boundaries, motivate others, engage people with new ideas, and a lot more besides. But they also go beyond information delivery to include many other techniques – listening, staying silent, asking the right questions, and tapping into the message behind the message, among others. …  

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Overcoming Creative Obstacles: #3 Get Customer Focused

It might seem strange to talk about limits to creativity. After all, isn’t it about thinking beyond borders? Haven’t our previous posts encouraged free ideation, letting go of boundaries and preconceptions? Well, yes and no. Vision is one thing, but to be financially viable, innovation should facilitate better business value. Fear of imp…  

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Why Inclusive Strategizing Works: All On Board!

Strategizing can be tough. Getting everyone from your business together, gathering opinions, and trying to reach a consensus on what really matters. Where do we want to be five years from now? What markets do we want to reach? How do we make it happen? You could outsource your strategy to specialist consultants, as many organization…  

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