The Power of Professional Closeness

When you’re the decision-maker for your organization, the pressure can be enormous. You want to do right by the business and your team members, but it’s easy to feel lost given the unceasing noise coming at you. Your team could provide the guidance and motivation you need to move forward, but that would require being vulnerable with them. Honestly, the thought of opening up like that makes you more uncomfortable than you’re willing to admit.

Govert van Sandwijk sees leaders across the globe struggling with this issue, and in The Power of Professional Closeness, he shows how to unite your organization around a sense of openness that starts with you. You’ll learn how the different parts of our brain drive rational and emotional decision-making, then dive into the basic laws of influence that can be used to raise the collective intelligence of your team. Finally, Govert offers strategies you can use to create the type of close-knit workplace environment that empowers you, your team, and the organization to defragment, grow, and prosper.


Mind Growing Leadership

Mind Growing Leadership offers a roadmap for leaders to develop the enormous potential that still exists in all organizations, large and small. Leadership makes an enormous difference in the lives of so many people. A good leader can lead a company to success. A GREAT leader will impact the personal growth of all those they lead. In a world that is rapidly changing, companies need employees to be connected, engaged, and motivated.

Neuro-Leadership and Personality Development: What does it mean for Leading People?
Never before has there been so much research and knowledge available concerning how the brain works. Drawing upon the latest in brain research, Mind Growing delves into how to grow your mind and personality to enhance your leadership and life skills. In this book, we explore how the brain works and how you can harness this understanding to go from being a good leader to a GREAT leader. It shares insights and provides the tools you need to grow and enrich the minds of people and the collective mind of your company.