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*All our services have been adapted to fit social distancing regulations.

Team Reboot

Our Team Reboot has been exclusively designed to help teams that are collaborating once more after this extended period of remote work.

This compact, powerful program identifies and targets context-specific issues.

Helping you foster collective intelligence and realign on your strategic goals, together.

Transformational Coaching

Our Transformational Coaching takes a deeper, more personal approach than regular executive coaching.

With your personal professional coach, this compact, yet profoundly personalized, Transformational Coaching reveals insights that will better connect to yourself and others, moving you forward in new, even more adaptive ways.

Allstars Recharge

The AllStars Recharge is a virtual solution for groups of up to 200 participants. We help you to solve critical organizational issues together, while apart.

We create the ideal online conditions for your teams to discuss issues that matter to everyone. In a few short hours, an AllStars Recharge can yield insightful, practical answers to your company’s pressing challenges – while bringing people together with fresh motivation.

Inclusive Strategizing

When your management team, executive board, or organization needs to figure out their next strategic steps, our Inclusive Strategy workshop sequences help you both define your future, and how to get there.

Where conventional strategizing involves external specialists, our Inclusive Strategizing sequences involve input from your people to generate energy for execution.

Reshaping Leadership

Our high-impact development programs will enhance and enrich the way you lead, strengthening your company and giving you a sharp competitive edge for the long-term.

We work with fast-paced companies that operate in dynamic markets, and our track record covers 50+ countries and 5100+ leaders across the globe. We create unique experiences and deliver sustainable results that benefit both individual leaders, and organizations as a whole.

Leadership Xperience

The Leadership Xperience program is where senior leaders like you re-invent how to lead.

Personal Leadership

The Personal Leadership program is all about personality and your professional success.

Leading Change

The Leading Change program is about enhancing changeability within a rapidly changing world. 

Leadership Essentials

This program is about making co-workers responsible for results instead of activities.

Rethinking People Strategies

The old HR adagio is passed it’s expiration date. Outpacing change and competition and countering disruption demands a fundamental mind shift.

We work with you and help you to pivot your thinking and to design and implement approaches to learning, performance and talent that fit the new normal. We help you close the gap between people, organisation and business performance.

Performance Management

At this exact moment in time, a majority of companies is reshaping their Performance Management Approach or considering doing so. There are a couple of common drivers that lead to this surge in revamping Performance Management.

Future Leadership Assessment

At a time when Agility of companies is a top priority, Future Leadership Assessment provides a thorough and consistent way to map leadership potential and connect personnel planning seamlessly with the organization’s strategic agenda.

Reassessing Talent


Time To Grow Global’s individual coaching is result-oriented and pragmatic and focuses on creating movement and growth.

We always work from precisely formulated learning points that originate in a work setting. From a foundation of respect and integrity, our coaches guide others by both supporting and challenging them. Generating a strong sense of ownership in the coachee and maximizing talents and potential are key.

Career Coaching

Our Career Coaching programs offer powerful insight into an individual employee’s current capabilities and competencies.

If you are ready to take greater control of your career through a professionally guided process of self-discovery, a Time To Grow Global Career Coach will work closely with you to analyze your current competence.

Potential Coaching

Our Potential Coaching Programs are designed for individuals who want to unlock their full potential.

Through immersive personal coaching with a specialist Time To Grow Global consultant, you will discover your current capabilities, strengths, talents, and qualities.

Career Compass

The Career Compass is a compact yet powerful coaching sequence that helps you uncover your aspirations.

Designed for individuals at all levels within an organization, its goal is to help individual coachees find clarity and motivation about their career ambitions.

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