AllStars Recharge

A sense of belonging and connectedness can be tough to maintain when we’re working apart. 

That’s especially true in large, globally dispersed organizations, where remote work threatens alignment and collaboration the most.

Uniquely designed for large, remote working teams of up to 200 participants, our AllStars Recharge reunites co-workers once more to reignite motivation and reveal the answers to your most critical challenges. 

Our professional AllStars facilitators will help you:

  • Understand the scope of your company’s challenges – from all perspectives
  • Unlock organization-wide communication and unblock silos, for improved alignment
  • Generate solutions that everyone wants to implement, as well as the motivation and ownership to drive results.

Developed exclusively to maximize large-group collective intelligence in an online setting, our AllStars Recharge helps you solve your most critical challenges and explore new opportunities in just a few hours.

"Our experimental Education & Career Services team was very fortunate to have the opportunity to work with Govert van Sandwijk on a Team Reboot, which was relevant both for how we transition in a pandemic environment characterized by working remote and also in identifying the strengths and opportunities for our team under any circumstance. Govert was an empathic and thoughtful facilitator for the Team Reboot session, which followed a two week period of self and colleague assessments as well as one on one debrief sessions. Govert's insights, tools and grounding in leadership and organizational development have been an invaluable asset to our team."

Loren Intolubbe-Chmil
Experienced Educator Committed to Transformative Approaches, Qualitative Researcher, and Community Advocate.
"Govert is a pro facilitator and coach. He uses his presence, questions, and the structure of sessions to make my team feel at ease and reflect on how we were really doing at work. The tool he used with our team, Sphere of Influence, got to the heart of some of our challenging team dynamics. The tool was unique in that he used it both to coach individuals and to map out our team scores. Additionally, we worked with Govert during the height of COVID-19 in a virtual environment, and he made the Zoom room feel easy and personal! I highly recommend working with Govert to anyone!"

Samantha Strom

Program Details

Our AllStars Recharge has been specially created and successfully implemented with:

  • Entire organizations of up to 200 co-workers, and
  • Globally- and regionally-dispersed remote working teams.

Every Recharge meeting is designed with your key question or challenges in mind, as well as the number of participants taking part. They involve:

  • Creating the ideal online conditions for large-group engagement and collective intelligence.
  • Empowering your dispersed teams and co-workers with a renewed sense of shared purpose and togetherness.

We will:

  • Help you isolate and understand your organization’s key challenges from multiple perspectives, through cross-functional working groups.
  • Explore strategic opportunities and solutions as one company, united.
  • Generate practical, viable answers, along with the ownership and drive to enaction them.

We will be working with:

  • Remotely dispersed, medium- to large teams of 40-200 participants .
  • Strategic cross-department al working groups.
  • Zoom® online collaboration software or the software of your choice

An AllStars Recharge session or sequence is designed especially for online environments. The duration, agenda, and other key considerations of your Recharge cater to your organization’s size, sector, and strategic challenges.

We use any online collaboration platform of your choosing, and all sessions are conducted in a purely virtual environment.

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