Inclusive Strategizing

When your management team, executive board, or organization needs to figure out their next strategic steps, our Inclusive Strategy workshop sequences help you both define your future, and how to get there. Where conventional strategizing involves external specialists, our Inclusive Strategizing sequences involve input from your people to generate energy for execution.

Our workshops will help you start from a place of situational awareness regarding your business; one which is based on your teams’ knowledge and draws on their collective intelligence. You will move together through ideation to plan creation during our high involvement, high participation sequences, where the emphasis is on generating ownership and momentum for action. You will walk away with new conclusions, directions, and outcome-based plans that are based firmly on moving you toward your goals.

Sequence Details

Our Inclusive Strategizing Sequences are designed for:

  • Any management team, board of directors, or organizational group who need to create a new long term direction or Business Plan;
  • Any management team, board of directors, or organizational group who are ready to plan their next strategic steps;
  • Teams who want to take an ambidextrous approach to organizational success – maximizing current strengths while anticipating future possibilities;
  • Teams which want to generate lasting ownership and energy for implementation, rather than just a plan.

You will be working in cross-functional teams of varying sizes over 3 to 5 strategic sessions.

These will include:

  • A combination of tried-and-tested analytical tools and Design Thinking approaches that will optimize at reaching rational and intuitive approaches to new directions;

We will:

  • Help you build a strategy from the very start by involving key stakeholders directly in strategy formulation and implementation;
  • Help you create a high-energy, high-participation environment that encourages critical thinking, collective intelligence, and deep team collaboration.

Our Time To Grow Global facilitators will design 3-5 fully customized workshops that are based specifically around the situation at hand.

Depending on your team’s inclusive strategizing goal, our workshop size may range between 10-100 participants and span a 5-month period.

Regardless of the size and scope of your inclusive strategizing sequence, however, each workshop is designed to encourage fast-paced, highly-visual input delivery, avoiding you long hours of Powerpoint presentations.

Inclusive Strategizing

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