Performance Management

Our experienced Performance Management Consultants have helped numerous multinational organizations redesign their Performance Management approaches to be more agile, future-focused, and effective. We use four core principles to create an ideal fit with your organization’s spirit, culture, and working practices:

  • Bottom-up design;
  • High stakeholder involvement;
  • An emphasis on ownership and engagement; and
  • Pragmatic, lean consulting.

We will help you create a customized organizational system that takes a sustained, development- and results-focused approach to performance management – one that is based on your objectives and driven by key input from key stakeholders.

Program Details

Our Performance Management interventions are designed to help you:

  • Update, redesign, and align your performance management practices with your organizational objectives;
  • Implement performance management systems which meet the needs of an increasingly innovative and dynamic business environment;
  • Focus on fuelling future performance through people development, rather than assessing it in the past.

Our pragmatic, lean, and agile approaches are built on 4 key principles:

  • To create maximum alignment between your practices, standards, and core values, we design 100% tailor-made, culturally relevant systems from the bottom up;
  • We consider and integrate ideas and input from end-responsible stakeholders as much as possible for optimal endorsement at all senior levels;
  • To build in engagement and ownership, we redesigning performance management systems so that results are instantly developed and integrated;
  • A lean, systematic project approach that is ultimately designed to help you achieve your business goals.

There are no short cuts to redesigning an effective and tailor-made Performance Management approach – all our consulting projects are entirely customized to meet your company’s unique goals.

Our consultants will listen to your desired outcomes and create a bespoke program that may range between 12 weeks and 12 months. This is highly depending on your context.

Performance Management

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