Future Leadership Assessment

As agility, effectiveness, and flexibility become increasingly critical for survival and success, organizations face a need to think about leaders for the future. Our Future Leadership Assessments are a bespoke approach that will seamlessly connect your personnel planning and strategic organizational agenda. If your company needs to develop leaders from within your ranks and unleash potential while the labor market is tightening, we will create a unique sequence to meet your goals.

This typically encompasses a combination of:

  • Professional consultation on your company’s desired outcomes;
  • Design of a bespoke collective assessment program;
  • Individual and team assessment center facilitation;
  • Train-the-trainer programs where required; and
  • Development advice and interventions.

Our professional Time To Grow Global consultants will provide expert insight to help you identify leadership potential and map any needed development so that your organization can better utilize its potential.

Service Details

Our Future Leadership Assessments are designed for you if:

  • You want to increase your organization’s capacity to respond to future challenges – by developing leaders from inside your company;
  • Input from your current leaders is valuable in the strategic selection of future leaders for the organization;
  • You want a holistic, thorough, and consistent approach to identifying and developing tomorrow’s leaders.
  • You want your leaders to play an active role in the assessment process.

Your organizational managers will be consulting closely with our seasoned Time To Grow Global assessors and Leadership Coaches.

Depending on your specific program, we will then:

  • Design and implement collective assessments for your firm’s internal candidates;
  • Explore their leadership potential and personal/professional development opportunities;
  • Provide comprehensive advice on the future leadership possibilities for both the organization and the individuals within it.

We will be working with:

  • An online 360° personality assessment tool;
  • A mixed team of professional assessors and professionally trained internal assessors; and
  • Specialized assessment center tools, interviews, and exercises.

All our Future Leadership Assessments are customized and carefully designed to reflect your organization’s strategic vision, industry dynamics, leadership potential, and future needs.

We consider your company’s size, location, composition, and industry to design the most holistic, relevant assessment for your needs.

Future Leadership Assessment

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