Career Compass

The Career Compass is a compact yet powerful coaching sequence that helps you uncover your aspirations. Designed for individuals at all levels within an organization, its goal is to help individual coachees find clarity and motivation about their career ambitions.

Useful both before, during, and as a proactive development intervention between organizational changes, Career Compass programs are in-depth and unique to each participant. Through personalized and guided self-discovery, they are an ideal way to empower and support individuals who are ready to reassess their careers.

They may be proactive or recommended due to organizational redesign, or annual ‘check-ins’ to refocus and rediscover one’s career ambitions. In all cases, however, our Career Compass programs are designed to unlock an individual’s motivation for their professional future.

Program Details

Our Career Compass Programs are perfect for:

  • Companies which are considering or embarking on organizational restructuring;
  • Individuals who want to uncover career opportunities that are aligned with their strengths, passions, and motivations; and
  • Employees who want to reassess their career progress or simply renew their motivation for a current role.

You will be working one-on-one with a professional Time To Grow Global Career Coach over several face-to-face sessions. Over a 1-hour intake session, an intensive 6-hour coaching, and two 1.5-hour follow-ups, this program will include:

  • Guided coaching discussions of your personal strengths, skills, qualities, and motivations;
  • An assessment of ‘where you are now’ and potential career opportunities;
  • Guided self-reflection for clarity and motivation on your potential career pathways.

We will:

  • Explore your potential career goals and pathways in relation to your individual competencies, beliefs, strengths, and motivations.
  • Analyze your resources, develop actionable career steps and provide coaching support to lay the groundwork for your progress.

We will be working with:

  • An online 360° feedback personal development tool
  • Professional coaching sessions
  • In-depth analysis of your values, convictions, and emotions
  • Breakthrough exercises

Our Career Compass Programs are customized to align uniquely with your personal or organizational circumstances.

Our specialist career coaches develop and deliver personalized programs for individuals or on a larger scale if your organization is considering a change or restructuring.

Career Compass

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