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Assessment Center Tests: Definitions, Examples, and Preparation Tips

Have you been asked to turn up at an assessment center? If you’ve just aced an interview or applied for an internal promotion, an assessment center is fairly often the next step for recruitment in organizations. They can also be an effective part of your professional development, or even be a proactive step that you yourself take to help develop …  

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Emotional Intelligence in Leadership: Executive Team Assessments At Work

You and I both know already that Emotional Intelligence in the workplace is already a hot topic. It has been for a while, and no doubt will continue to shape the way we assess, recruit, lead, and collaborate well into the future. Executive team assessments are no exception to this rule, but can you guess where the starting line is drawn when it co…  

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Don’t Be Afraid to Ask: The Hardest Coaching Questions Employees Face

For most employees, the trickiest coaching questions often come well before the starting line. In my experience, these are usually ‘what’ questions. “What can a ‘potential coach’ do for me?” and “What does ‘potential coaching’ involve?” Understandable. Not questions most are afraid to ask, by the way, and you’ll find some ans…  

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