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Three A’s For Embracing The Complexity of Change

The ability to lead change is one crucial aspect of growing your company. But there’s a lot more to it. While you’ll find plenty of frameworks for ‘getting from A to B’ successfully, the most enduring elements of change management are going to be mental skills. That is, learning to cultivate a mindset for leading change. It’s one fundam…  

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Emotional Intelligence in Leadership: Executive Team Assessments At Work

You and I both know already that Emotional Intelligence in the workplace is already a hot topic. It has been for a while, and no doubt will continue to shape the way we assess, recruit, lead, and collaborate well into the future. Executive team assessments are no exception to this rule, but can you guess where the starting line is drawn when it co…  

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21st Century Leadership Skills: Global Thinking | What does mean for leadership development?

Global means a lot of different things to executive leadership today. On one level, we’re constantly reminded of the need to adapt, grow, learn, and adopt with the changing business environment. All the buzz words you could possibly think of are linked in some way to the ‘global’ concept—disruption, transformation, digitalization, globali…  

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