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Personal Leadership Skills: Goal-Setting

The ability to set and stick to a goal is invaluable. There is lots to be said for self-discipline, growth mindset, and motivation in the management literature – and a lot is said about them – but they all have one thing in common. If we can’t determine clear-cut goals that are worth pursuing, none of our well-intentioned efforts will amo…  

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Personal Leadership Skills: Empathy

Everybody needs certain soft skills to relate effectively to those around them. Razor-sharp financial acumen and problem-solving capabilities are what equip people to excel, it’s true, but it’s tough to lead others when you can’t see things from their perspectives. Empathy is the ability to put yourself in others' shoes, adopt their points…  

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Personal Leadership Skills: Psychological Flexibility

You’d be surprised at how many seasoned, skilled leaders cant connect with their people. Connection, of course, is integral to trust, and it’s at the core of a safe, supportive culture where people aren’t afraid to express themselves. So why do some leaders try to avoid values, feelings, and vulnerability when putting on their ‘work’ hats…  

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