Communicating Your Organizational Vision: Structures and Systems

In my last post, I discussed the idea that a shared vision impacts on: – How people communicate and relate; – What we all value and pass on; and – How companies achieve their vision. The structures and systems we have in place convey subliminal, yet powerful, messages about how we communicate this vision through the culture we create.…  

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Communicating Your Organizational Vision With The Cultural Web

Are you and your employees on the same page? Is everybody in your company engaged and excited about the same thing? Or do you have different ideas of what ‘success’ really means? We all know we should have a vision, a clear idea of where our organization is headed and why we exist in the first place. And, we know we need to communicate th…  

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3 Reasons Medical Leadership Is More Important Than Before

  • By Jolande Koolen
  • March 14, 2019
  • Posted in Leadership |

Leadership is playing a continually growing role in healthcare settings. Practitioner skills will always be central to the demanding roles doctors play, but the past few decades have seen other assets become almost just as critical. What We’re Used To Hospital environments have long been hierarchically structured, with top-down systems deciding…  

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