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Govert is Time To Grow Global's Managing Partner, specializing in Strategy Facilitation, Leadership development and Organisational performance. Reach him on our Time To Grow Global LinkedIn.

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Personal Leadership Skills: Set Yourself The Right Goals!

In my last post on personal leadership goal setting, we met Wilma, who was set on becoming a less ‘absent’ mentor for Pedro. We defined goal-setting as: “The formulation of clear, specific, and appropriate goals that will direct our attention, mobilize our effort, and drive our behavior toward a specific desired outcome.” …and considered the …

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Personal Leadership Skills: Goal-Setting

The ability to set and stick to a goal is invaluable. There is lots to be said for self-discipline, growth mindset, and motivation in the management literature – and a lot is said about them – but they all have one thing in common. If we can’t determine clear-cut goals that are worth pursuing, none …

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Overcoming Creative Obstacles: #2 No Right or Wrong

What does a visionary look like? How would you describe an entrepreneur? Is he or she a risk-taking individual? A boundary-pusher? An excellent planner? Or, poor as can be with ‘inventor’-type glasses? Entrepreneurship can take many forms, which is an important point that many people tend to forget. As Eric Ries argues in The Lean …

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Personal Leadership Skills: Empathy

Everybody needs certain soft skills to relate effectively to those around them. Razor-sharp financial acumen and problem-solving capabilities are what equip people to excel, it’s true, but it’s tough to lead others when you can’t see things from their perspectives. Empathy is the ability to put yourself in others’ shoes, adopt their points of view, …

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