Govert van Sandwijk

Govert is Time To Grow Global's Managing Partner, specializing in Strategy Facilitation, Leadership development and Organisational performance. Reach him on our Time To Grow Global LinkedIn.

Coaching Questions

31 Good Coaching Questions For Leaders To Ask

Whether it’s in a small company or a multinational, the ability to coach others helps leaders grow their organizations in many ways. Asking the right coaching questions of your teammates can be a strategic way to ensure you’ve always got developing talent while sharpening your firm’s competitive edge and nurturing future leaders. So what coaching …

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Motivation Cause Effect

Motivation: Cause or Effect?

Communication breakdowns, apathy, inefficiency, and even conflict – not even the most successful companies are immune to the impacts of low morale. When motivation is low, teams often veer off the strategic path and struggle to perform at their normal caliber. Confusion or mistrust lead to disruption, and the idea of “excellence” disappears further and …

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Focussed customers image

Overcoming Creative Obstacles: #3 Get Customer Focused

It might seem strange to talk about limits to creativity. After all, isn’t it about thinking beyond borders? Haven’t our previous posts encouraged free ideation, letting go of boundaries and preconceptions? Well, yes and no. Vision is one thing, but to be financially viable, innovation should facilitate better business value. Fear of impractical results and …

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