Nicolien Dellensen

Nicolien Dellensen, Senior Consultant and behavioral specialist, contributes to Time To Grow Globals organizational performance and coaching practice. She’s creator and owner of the ’Sphere of Influence’  a comprehensive concept and  (360) online tool about interactive dynamics. Join us on our Time To Grow Global LinkedIn.

Communication Skills

Personal Leadership Skills: Adaptive Communication

Communication skills help leaders express a vision, set clear boundaries, motivate others, engage people with new ideas, and a lot more besides. But they also go beyond information delivery to include many other techniques – listening, staying silent, asking the right questions, and tapping into the message behind the message, among others. Adaptive communication means …

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Do You Know Your Triggers?

Do you ever think about how you are influenced by your environment? What questions and remarks from coworkers, family, and friends cause you to respond in a certain way? I recommend you to pay attention to this sometime. Why? Because awareness of your triggers can help you increase your effectiveness and your impact on those …

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What does all-round leadership look like?

The modern business environment demands all-round leadership, but what does that mean for your communication and influencing skills? As middle management, you are supposed to be a jack of all trades, an all-rounder. You are continuously asked to switch between guiding and following; you need to both lead and support your people; and you must …

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