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Millicom’s Performance Management Process Redesign

In the summer of 2015, Time To Grow Global was asked to redesign Millicom’s Performance Management process.

The client
As part of Investment AB Kinnevik, a leading Swedish entrepreneurial investment group, Millicom originated as one of the earliest pioneers in commercial mobile telephony 25 years ago. Having grown their revenues to US$6.7 billion they are now uniquely positioned in frontier and emerging markets between the high growth sectors of mobile, social and content.

The challenge
Michel Koppen, Millicom’s VP of HR leading the project stated:
“As an organization, we owe it to our stakeholders to implement a solid and agile performance management process that will support our current needs and help us anticipate our future needs as well. More than ever we need to make our mission to lead the adoption of a digital lifestyle in our markets a reality. This means that in the 2016 PM process, behavior and output will be considered as equally important. Both competence and results will be measured. Furthermore, we will need to pay extra attention to ensuring that goals at all levels are aligned with each other, from the CEO to our frontline.”

Our solution
The newly designed approach is founded on the firm belief that Millicom can grow when the growth of business and the growth of people come together. The new Millicom Performance Management approach has been based upon a thorough stakeholder need analysis and a benchmark of state of the art performance management practices. We drew inspiration from such cutting-edge companies as Adobe, Microsoft, and Deloitte.

This result is a dialogue-based process that uses regular check-ins as ‘touch-base’ moments between employees and their manager.

Output objectives
We established a way of working for goal setting and goal accomplishment where output is the only criterion. As opposed to activity based ways measuring.

We delivered, in English, French and Spanish, a fully documented approach consisting of manuals, templates, forms, and process descriptions. Part of our deliverable was a full Train the Trainer program for all country HR-managers and Performance managers.

Due to a full stakeholder engagement and an active support of the CEO, we managed to design and implement the solution in a record time of six month. As technology platform Millicom chose Cornerstone with whom we teamed up with during the different deployment steps.

Career development at NOS

The NOS is the largest news organization in the Netherlands. They offer independent and reliable reporting of news, sports and events, 24 hours per day, 7 days a week via various media channels.

Once every five years, the NOS offers their employees the opportunity to evaluate their career with the help of career orientation. Employees are actively supported and encouraged to think about whether their position in the organization still matches their ambitions, motivations and qualities. This is all documented in their CAO (collective labor agreement).

Time To Grow Global coordinates the “career compass” for the NOS. This is a career reorientation course specially developed for the NOS in which the participant is supported in carefully looking at their ambitions, motivations, personality, skills, strengths and development points. This compass is used as a basis from which an individual can seek further fulfillment in their career or can continue in their current position with renewed energy.

What is unique about the Career Compass is that each course is adapted to the needs of the participant. In addition to ambitions and interests, we also take a good look at skills and qualities. After all, these factors are equally important to the direction someone’s career can take. During the career compass we go beyond conversations and utilize self-reflecting questionnaires. Participants are also invited to show how they behave in different practical working situations by means of role-playing and other assessment method techniques.


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