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Open Space Meetings

Open Space gets people moving and encourages people to change. Open Space breathes life back into an organization. The results of Open Space meetings can be planned and implemented faster than any other form of so-called “large group interventions”. The Open Space approach achieves more results in days and weeks than other intervention techniques do in months and years.

Open Space works best when the issue is complex, the participants and ideas are diverse, the passion for reaching a solution and the potential for disagreement is significant. And the deadline for getting it all done was yesterday. Open Space stands for passion, limited only by responsibility.

Space and direction invigorate organizations and makes it possible for regular people to work together to achieve extraordinary things. During Open Space meetings participants (from 15 to 1000) determine and manage their agenda in parallel working sessions focused on a central theme of strategic importance.

For example: How can we exceed our client’s expectations? Or, how can we keep up with developments in our field? The result of these meetings is a more effective way of connecting and an improved organization whether it regards planning and action, learning and doing, passion and responsibility or participation and achievement.

We never know what will happen when you give people space to do their most important work. Nonetheless, we guarantee the following results for any group that takes part in an Open Space session: the issues that are most relevant to the participants will be discussed.

Open Space is characterized by energy, goal-oriented self-organization, chaos and creativity and organizational evolution. It’s a straightforward and powerful way to move people and organizations forward.

In only one or two days, all important ideas, discussions, information, recommendations, conclusions, plans for direct action and issues requiring further investigation will be documented in a comprehensive report prepared for the participants at the end of the session.

If necessary, and when time allows, the content of this report can be specified and prioritized within a few hours, even when working with large groups.

Within a few days of the meeting, all results can be made available to the entire organization so all stakeholders can be instantly invited to participate in the implementation of recommendations/actions.


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