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All our services have been adapted to fit social distancing regulations.

We understand the art of facilitation.

No matter what the challenge, we make sure your meeting, process, or dialogue flows and ends with the successful output you envisioned.

Our boutique facilitation services are uniquely designed to fit your organization’s specific context and purpose.

Open Space Meetings

*Due to the current situation and the nature of the service we won’t be able to deliver this service until further notice.

Open Space gets people moving and encourages people to change, breathing life back into an organization.

The results of Open Space meetings can be planned and implemented faster than any other form of so-called “large group interventions”.

The Open Space approach achieves more results in days and weeks than other intervention techniques do in months and years.

Inclusive Strategizing Sequences

When your management team, executive board, or organization needs to figure out their next strategic steps, our Inclusive Strategy workshop sequences help you both define your future, and how to get there.

Where conventional strategizing involves external specialists, our Inclusive Strategizing sequences involve input from your people to generate energy for execution.

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