Leadership Essentials

As a leader, you may put in a lot of energy, effort, and work into your role. Without an output-oriented approach, however, this investment can often fail to drive the results you hope for. Our Leadership Essentials Program is designed to fundamentally shift your perspective, helping you let go of existing solutions that are not working and adopt a more effective perspective and mindset for outcomes.

This Leadership Essentials program will equip you with the necessary knowledge, skills, and approaches for outcome management. You will learn about the optimal conditions that high-performing teams need to thrive and deliver, as well as how to create these within your organization.

Through the Leadership Essentials program, you be able to define a clear context for bringing your shared vision to life, and where you can play a critical role as a guide and coach for others.

Program Details

Our Leadership Essentials Program are designed for you if:

  • Your current efforts as a leader are not delivering the results that reflect your team’s full potential.
  • You are ready to fundamentally shift your current leadership perspective toward a more effective, outcome-oriented style.
  • You would like to create a common playing field and optimal conditions for peak team performance.

You or your team’s future leaders will be working with our specialist Time To Grow Global consultants in a 2-day intensive workshop, either at your organization or elsewhere.

This will include:

  • Acquiring two super-practical leadership tools.
  • Refreshing your leadership approach and fine-tuning it to suit your purpose and context.
  • Creating an intense and personal experience.
  • Deepening your self-awareness and enhancing your skills.

We will:

  • Explore your key task as a leader – to formulate purpose, set ambitions, define the playing field, create ownership and instill a sense of community.
  • Study the Laws of Influence and learn to apply them in your day to day practice and reality.

We will be working with:

  • An online 360° feedback personal development tool.
  • Professional coaching sessions.
  • In-depth analysis of your day-to-day leadership challenges and strategies for how to increase your impact.
  • Breakthrough exercises.

Our Leadership Essentials Program is customized and unique to your company’s specific change or performance requirements.

Our professional Time To Grow Global organizational and leadership development consultants design, develop, and deliver bespoke courses at a smaller scale for teams, all the way up to large-scale organizational level programs.

Leadership Essentials

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