Carel Maasland

Carel Maasland


I find it fascinating to work with people who are willing to shoot for the stars. I feel at home in environments where the need to do better is high, where there is a lot at stake and where my work truly matters. Life is precious, and talent should not be hidden. I am not satisfied with the results of my support and advisory efforts until they have had a real impact both on people and on the business.

Every organization has its own story. This story connects the people at a company. I always start by listening to the company’s drumbeat. What is the prevailing mindset? What’s in play at the various levels of the organization? What unites and divides talent? What fuels success and causes failure? A deep understanding of how a business works provides me with the insight I need to significantly improve organizational climate and performance.
My approach is best described as pragmatic and creative. Utilising my energy and my unquenchable passion, I am able to get things going where other people wouldn’t even give it a try.

I am an HR consultant, change manager, business coach and talent scout with hands-on experience in over 75 countries. I facilitate, design and co-create organizational strategies, work processes and human capital solutions for businesses facing critical challenges across industries and geographical regions.


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