Team Reboot

Every team in every global organization faces novel challenges right now.

As we come back together after an extended period apart, collective intelligence has never before been more of a challenge, or a strategic priority. 

But dealing with defensiveness, fostering collaboration, and emphasizing relationships are Time To Grow Global’s specialities. In our uniquely customized, compact, and affordable Reboots, our top experts will work with your teams to:

  • Identify how you can realign on strategic goals, together
  • Explore where and how your focus should be for optimal team performance
  • Advise on how you can create the best conditions for collective intelligence in your specific team and industry.

To-the-point and cost-effective, our Team Reboots take place over several days for timely action with maximum impact.

"Thank you Govert for an exceptionally well crafted workshop 'Reboot' for Team BPG. All 11 of us stayed totally engaged through the 5 hour long Zoom Workshop and actually did not miss the lack of face to face discussions. Here's to more collaborations in the future! Thank you."

Avi Bhojani
Group CEO at BPG Group
"Our experimental Education & Career Services team was very fortunate to have the opportunity to work with Govert van Sandwijk on a Team Reboot, which was relevant both for how we transition in a pandemic environment characterized by working remote and also in identifying the strengths and opportunities for our team under any circumstance. Govert was an empathic and thoughtful facilitator for the Team Reboot session, which followed a two week period of self and colleague assessments as well as one on one debrief sessions. Govert's insights, tools and grounding in leadership and organizational development have been an invaluable asset to our team."

Loren Intolubbe-Chmil
Experienced Educator Committed to Transformative Approaches, Qualitative Researcher, and Community Advocate.
"Govert is a pro facilitator and coach. He uses his presence, questions, and the structure of sessions to make my team feel at ease and reflect on how we were really doing at work. The tool he used with our team, Sphere of Influence, got to the heart of some of our challenging team dynamics. The tool was unique in that he used it both to coach individuals and to map out our team scores. Additionally, we worked with Govert during the height of COVID-19 in a virtual environment, and he made the Zoom room feel easy and personal! I highly recommend working with Govert to anyone!"

Samantha Strom

Program Details

Our Team Reboots have been designed for teams that:

  • Have a collective leadership responsibility for a business or functional area.
  • Recognize that now they need to foster collective intelligence and trust building more than ever.

All Team Reboots are uniquely tailored to your strategic goals and the challenges you want to tackle. They involve:

  • Identifying ways to reactivate communication and trust after a long period apart
  • Acknowledging and tackling defensiveness and similar responses to operating in ‘crisis mode’

We will:

  • Explore functional and dysfunctional interaction patterns your team observes or anticipates, and their impact on the teams agility and performance
  • Identify critical ways for your team to tackle them and boost its collective intelligence

We will be working with:

  • A personal 360 tool to collect the data about interactive behavior
  • A teamscan to identify the teams strengths, pitfalls, triggers and and barriers
  • individual prep sessions for all team members
  • A collective session to integrate all findings and workshop the way forward.

Every Team Reboot is tailored to your team’s context and strategic goals. The bootcamp is a virtual program. We use the platform of your choice.

Each Reboot – and the advice we provide – is based on the size of your team, your industry, and where you’re at right now. Contact us for a consultation.

The Team Reboot starts at USD $3150 for a team of 5 and USD $250 per additional team member.

Team Reboot

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