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We deliver assessment centers and coaching sequences with professional closeness. This is a profession in its own right, one that Time To Grow Global knows inside out.

Our consultants are trained psychologists and experienced organizational practitioners.

As equal partners, they apply their deep knowledge and broad frames of reference to consider the core of your organization’s human potential, every time.

Selection & Potential Assessment Centers

When your organization is considering several candidates for a role, Selection and Potential Assessments are powerful tools.

For both Selection and Potential Assessment Centers, our professional organizational development consultants will administer a range of carefully chosen assessments to establish your candidates’ fit with the role.

Development Center

Our Development Centers provide expert insight when organizations are considering professional or personal development initiatives.

If management development or coaching has been identified as central to an employee’s career growth or progression, our Development Centers will identify specific development opportunities for focus.

Career Assessment Centers

Our Career Assessment Centers are tailor-made programs for organizations that want to empower and engage their people with valuable career pathway insight.

Developed by our expert organizational development consultants, these programs will draw on a unique selection of tools and methods to assess individuals’ personal strengths, qualities, aspirations, and development opportunities.


Time To Grow Global’s individual coaching is result-oriented and pragmatic and focuses on creating movement and growth.

We always work from precisely formulated learning points that originate in a work setting. From a foundation of respect and integrity, our coaches guide others by both supporting and challenging them.

Generating a strong sense of ownership in the coachee and maximizing talents and potential are key.

Career Coaching

Our Career Coaching programs offer powerful insight into an individual employee’s current capabilities and competencies.

If you are ready to take greater control of your career through a professionally guided process of self-discovery, a Time To Grow Global Career Coach will work closely with you to analyze your current competence.

Potential Coaching

Our Potential Coaching Programs are designed for individuals who want to unlock their full potential.

Through immersive personal coaching with a specialist Time To Grow Global consultant, you will discover your current capabilities, strengths, talents, and qualities.

Career Compass

The Career Compass is a compact yet powerful coaching sequence that helps you uncover your aspirations.

Designed for individuals at all levels within an organization, its goal is to help individual coachees find clarity and motivation about their career ambitions.

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