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Our Organizational Development practice features a wide range of services and interventions. Our mission is to deliver always that particular solution that suits your challenge, ambition, and playing field. Here we showcase some of what we can do for you.


Performance Management

At this exact moment in time, a majority of companies is reshaping their Performance Management Approach or considering doing so. There are a couple of common drivers that lead to this surge in revamping Performance Management.

  • Pragmatic and Agile
    The Time To Grow Global consulting approach is pragmatic. We will work with a small and dedicated team with one point of contact. Our work practices are systematic, but we will be flexible when necessary. The project plan itself is purely a means to an end. The business needs and goals, however, are non-negotiable.
  • Rapid innovation
    Most companies that are leaving their ‘old’ performance management practices do this because of their need for rapid innovation and rapidly changing business environments.
  • Neuroscience
    Insights in brain research and the effects of the traditional interpretation of Performance Management on employees and therefore organizations show most traditional approaches are evoking a primal fight or flight reactions instead of inducing togetherness and increased performance.
  • Misalignment
    More and more companies realize that their current process of evaluating the work of their people is increasingly out of step with their objectives.
  • Undermining agility
    A lot of translations of the traditional Performance Management approach do not seem to meet the main focus of the use of Performance Management; to support and facilitate an agile and learning organization.
  • Focus on the future
    Companies like Adobe, Deloitte, Microsoft, Gap, Medtronic and Juniper indicated that they were in need of a Performance Management system that focuses on fueling performance in the future rather than assessing it in the past.
Future Leadership Assessment

At a time when Agility of companies is a top priority, Future Leadership Assessment provides a thorough and consistent way to map leadership potential and connect personnel planning seamlessly with the organization’s strategic agenda.

Today’s rapidly changing world demands organizations to invest in efficiency, effectiveness and flexibility.

  • The agility of organizations demands that your workforce is flexible enough to respond to any future challenges.
  • Future Leadership Assessment enables you to develop leaders from within your ranks. But also to unleash potential while the labor market is tightening. As a result you will be able to offer employees perspective and growth opportunities.

Thinking about ‘our leaders of the future’ and having current leaders participating in that dialogue is of strategic value for an organization.

  • This translates into a program that allows leadership potential to be identified as well as mapping the needed development.
  • People feel that they matter, that their personal/professional development matters and that they want to contribute to the development of the organization.

A collective assessment program that will be developed in co-creation between Time To Grow Global and your organization. The execution is carried out by professionals in this field in co-operation with managers from your organization.

  • With the (annually) recurring Future Leadership Assessment the energy and dynamics in your organization will grow.
  • Managers who participate as assessors develop their assessment skills and gain a deeper understanding of leadership and leadership potential.
  • The potentials in your organization are better utilized and appreciated.
  • Employees better understand and are more aware of the possibilities offered by the organization.

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