Career Assessment Centers

Our Career Assessment Centers are tailor-made programs for organizations that want to empower and engage their people with valuable career pathway insight. Developed by our expert organizational development consultants, these programs will draw on a unique selection of tools and methods to assess individuals’ personal strengths, qualities, aspirations, and development opportunities.

Based on a Career Assessment program, we create a report that advises the organization and individual participant about strategic career development pathways and work contexts. Our goal is to inform and support your organization’s success through individual Career Assessment insight.

Choose the report type that best suits your organization’s goals…

Report Types

This type of report is most suitable for staff, operational management, and professionals. They describe the participants’ actions in a detailed, yet efficient and pragmatic way for both the client and the participant’s benefit. Feedback is given by video or voice call.
This type of report is optimized for operational managers, middle management, and professionals. They give a short personality characterization of the participant, while still focusing on their actions. They are designed to be an optimal mix of pragmatism and quality. Feedback is given by video or voice call.

This type of report gives an in-depth descriptive characterization of both the participant’s personality and their actions. Quality and depth are key, making this report type most suitable for executive level, senior management, and senior professionals. Feedback is given in person.

Career Assessment Centers

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